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The woes of selling internationally online 😫

Most marketplaces don’t yet support payouts in all countries. In the ones they do, many of them have a lot of restrictions, paperwork, and processes to be done. In a lot of places, they require you to register a private limited company.

In tons of countries, they leave you behind to use Paypal and be always at the mercy of Paypal to not shut down payouts for years and don't allow you to withdraw your own money.

To top it all, many marketplaces tax you even before you cash out your earnings.

Selling internationally is yet not a solved problem. You may see publicity articles in press claim otherwise with a bold statement, but at the end of the day, it’s just another marketing gimmick.


With blockchain this can be solved...

You can now sell without needing a bank account or registering a company. No paperwork, no mundane processes. All you need is a metamask wallet and you can sell anything to anyone, anywhere in the world. You won’t be taxed before you cash out.

Creators should focus their time and efforts on creating good products instead of trying to steer through the international bureaucracy.

We are an enabler 😇

We are enabling the adoption of crypto in the real world. Spend your crypto on things that add value to your life unlike many who are dumping all of their decentralized wealth on meaningless assets in frustration of not being able to spend internet money.

We are enabling internet money to convert its value and fulfill its promise of accessibility and ownership.

You are the change

Allow accessibility to resources by selling your digital products to those who otherwise won’t have any means to do so without a bank account, registered entity, lack of tech & restrictive laws.

Support creators by not only buying their digital products but also by freeing them from the cruel joke of piling bureaucracy that gets accumulated from streets to international levels.